Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Word Count Wednesday (2/1/17)

What am I working on?

Currently I am working on two separate writing RPGs with my cousin; both are fantasy. These are created out of sheer fun and will most likely never be seen by the world but I am thinking about expanding the concept we've created into maybe a book or a short story... we'll see how that turns out (to be continued on that.) I'm also trying to work on the other experiments that we were assigned, mainly the picture book experiment, but unfortunately it's mostly storyboarding at this point. The main idea is about two sisters and their cat ride in a red wagon in their backyard and they let their imagination go nuts. The red wagon turns into a red boat and the vast yard turns into their own fantasy world; it's solely based on how I used to see the world as a child and the adventures I used to go on.

Word Count: 3,058 (Do not be fooled by this number 99.9% of it is from my RPGs and the rest is actual serious work...)

How do I feel about the process?

It's soooooooooooo slooooooooooooow. I am working at snail speed and it is beyond frustrating. I also seem to be suffering from a very troubling case of writer's block. I can't seem to be able to grasp my ideas into suitable words and they seem to only appear in word fragments. Oh well, it must be toughed out with a smile and hopefully I will find my writing muse soon enough.

What am I reading now?

The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas

Uprooted by Naomi Novik (a special thanks to Chloe Frederickson for lending me the book; so here forth commences the Chloe/Chloe book exchange club huzzah!)

On Writing by Stephan King

Monday, January 30, 2017

Experiment Numero Dos (The Fashionably Late Song/Poem)

Hello world. Yes, yes I know this is about a week late but I have found over the last few weeks I have become a woman of very few words. I have been cursed with some of the worst writer's block i've ever had in my life and just in time to take a creative writing class (oh joy of joys.) Everything is sort-of composed in my brain but on paper it is coming out in word fragments; it's like walking with a plate of confetti in hand then going outside to the Santa Ana winds and trying to catch it as it flies. In any case I hate posting things that are not perfect or finished... or something so short but I'm hoping what little I have can get some advice on how to make it somewhat acceptable. 

This song/poem is inspired by old medieval ballads that I am actually very fond of listening too, I was listening to some and an image came to mind of a maiden setting out into a storm for a sad and  unknown fate at the other end of the sea. This is my sort-of ode to the Arthurian tale of Tristan and Isolde so i've here by knight it as "Isolde's Song" until I can get a better title in place or until the song is actually finished.  I'm trying to go for music that is more celtic inspired or even a fusion of new world; think Loreena McKennitt or Enya.  Thank you all for your time and I look forward to reading all of your works and envying you all for being able to write so quickly. Have a great day and battle on my lovelies.

Isolde's Song

Blessรจd are the few that know youth's toils

Can'st thou see the fair pilgrim's pride?
The melancholy green in a maiden's eyes
That's sun-kissed upon summer's golden bride.
A heart that beats wild on a tempest tide
An ocean deep where that heart doth lies.
Sailed for a fate of which stars defied.

Can'st thou hear the west wind straining?
Between gales lost echoes banshee's cry
Bid thee farewell the old moon is waning
The old world laid behind with renewed spirits shaming.
Zephyr's golden lyre bellows a traitorous sigh 
The fair maiden travels, herself betraying.

Whir, whir, swirls the sun's golden greens
Faded now shines heaven's grey upon tempests strong
Pale shimmers now blacken the gossamer seas.

Can't thou hear the sea's low moaning song?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Welcome to the realm of writing peasants I shall be your guide on this sort-of adventure into the void of the unknown. I have little to say as of now so instead enjoy this picture my cat Lord Willoughby, first of his name esquire also known as Sir Willard the conquerer. Have a great day and battle on.