Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Experiment #1 Children's book (unfinished)

I'm so sorry I attempted children's literature and I failed so miserably at it. I think I'll stick to adult fiction but it was defiantly a fun try.

The Little Red Boat and the Viking Cats

We stand on the shore in our little red boat, just Hazel, and Socks the cat and me, Alice.

We look from the boat to our big blue house on the hill and see our mother waving from the front door.

Goodbye Mom, we are off on another adventure.  We take off on our little red boat, just Hazel and Socks, and me, Alice.

We sailed away from the big blue house

It gets smaller

            and smaller

                        and smaller

                                    then gone.

Hazel is first mate and keeps the boat running.

Socks is our look out, he is the best to climb and watch the ocean.

I am the captain and steer the boat to our new adventure.

Over the waves and towards the sun we see a figure in the distance!

“Ahoy! Ahoy! Incoming ship!” meowed Socks from his post.

The ship was getting larger
            and larger
                        and larger

                                    then here.

Inside the boat were a boatful of cats, Viking cats wearing big horned hats and large furry vests.

“Ahoy matey!” called the captain of the cats.

*Gosh darn it children’s books are so hard to write… this was all I was able to “craft”

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