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Experiment #12: Character Sheet "The Girl"

Experiment # 12 :Character Sheet
From Where the Stars Fall: “The Girl”

Full Name: Ashara (No known last name)
Alias: Diana Frobisher, Vera Wickim, and Sibella Crew
Age: About 22
DOB: Unknown; but remembers it was sometime in the winter.
Current Location: Favershim, Parthenia  
Biological Gender: Female
Identifiable Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Read/ Write: Illiterate
Intellect: Average; More street smart than wise.
Parental Unit: (Biological Mother; Elide (a 20 old prostitute in Keatston. Deceased. Father unknown)
            (Adoptive ward of Sally Dish {43}. Deceased)
            (Member of the Greensleeves Bay Kip. 12 members (all deceased))
Siblings: None that she knows of.
Family Allies/ Enemies: Greensleeves Bay Kip’s enemies include the Red Hand Kip                         and Gus Winkler’s Goons
Still lives w/ Family: No
Place of Birth: An alley slum in Keatston, Parthenia
Ethnicity: Parthenian
Broken the law: Heck Yes
Laws Broken: Burglary, robbery, assault, vandalism, mass murders, carrying                                     illegal firearms, breaking and entering, and many others.
Education level: No schooling what so ever.
Special training: Self taught assassin.
Current Associations: None.
Economic Situation: BROKE.
Economic class: As low class as you can get.
Debts: None, she leaves no loose ends behind.
Income: Whatever she can scrap together from her jobs. Cheapside assassinations don’t               exactly rake in a ton of money.
Current Occupation: Assassin and occasional bounty hunter.
How was the job received: She seeks revenge on the men who murdered her friends and             trained to be able to track them all down and kill them. Assassinating others on the side is more of a way to keep from starving and to fund her revenge hunt.
Length of employment:  5 years.
Current Criminal Record: Nothing recorded; she’s never been caught.
Marital status: Single.
Romantic Interest: Robin (Deceased)
                              Tamriel “The Star” (Current)
Children: None yet

Personality type: ENTJ

Good at Interacting/ people skills: Yes; as a con artist and general thief she has to be able to trick and interact positively in order to continue her craft.
Favorite things: Her beloved knife collection, all named and at her side at all times.
Favorite color: Purple.
Favorite food: Steak; medium rare or a nice custard tart.
Favorite drink: Ale.
Favorite Animal: Cats (both real and mechanical.)
Favorite musical genre: Jig Fiddle.
Favorite sport: No time for sports unless you call killing her favorite sport.
Motto to live by: Kill or be killed and don’t look back.
Special Talents: acute observation, master of both armed and unarmed combat, proficient with any type of weapon, lock picking, expert thief, and a weird ability to juggle.
Hobbies: Collecting unique blades, juggling, dancing.
Easily Bored: No.
Known Quirks:  Cannot pronounce her H’s to save her life.
Quiet or Loud: Quiet.
Special Mementoes: Her beloved blade/dagger collection.
Worst Experiences: She’s lost everyone she’s ever cared about.
Fears: She’s afraid of commitment and loosing those she is close to.
Role in the group: In a large group she usually the rebel; in a pair she is the leader.
In a group, would contribute: She is the muscle.
Good at cooperating: For the most part yes but she has her stubborn streak.
Kind of thinker: Realist.
Annoys Characters: Stupid people, too many personal questions, slowness.
Reaction when annoyed: She usually gives a snide remark or becomes aggressive.
Reaction when angry: She blows up like a bomb.
Easily angered: Yes; she’s a bit of a hot head prone to violent tendencies.
Sad often: She’s not happy but will never admit to being sad. Her sadness is viewed as her own personal weakness and must not be shown.
Reaction when sad: She clams up, becomes incredibly aggressive and harsh. If it                                     becomes too much to handle she will break down into tears.
Immediate Goals: Gain enough money to continue her search for Gus Winkler.
Long Term Goals: Not to end up dying in the slum and one day be able to work into             something considered to be “decent.” Maybe be able to live away from the city in a nice house with people she cares about.
Self Serving/ Self Sacrificing: Self serving for the most part but self sacrificing to those who do end up close to her.
Dreamer/ Realist: Realist
Personality Flaws: Overly aggressive, a total hothead, violent tendencies, a cold front and             uses sarcasm to deflect people from becoming too personal
How reliable is memory: Pretty good
Earliest Memory: Around 4; She remembers her little cot by the fireplace that was always             covered in ashes in the morning.
Fondest Memory: Finding the mechanical cat in one of the garbage cans and bringing it home to try and fix it.
Most Embarrassing Memory: The time she fell into the open sewer and one of the older  boys in the neighborhood had to help her out
Biggest Failure: Her two years of homeless wandering and starving after she ran away from Sally Dish’s home.
Biggest Regret: That she was the one to survive the Greensleeves Bay Kip massacre and not her friends.
Greatest Achievement: That she singlehandedly took out every person responsible for her friend’s deaths (with the exception of Gus Winkler himself) over the course of 5 years.
Self-Confident/ Self-Depreciating: Overly confident in her abilities as an assassin
Triggers to Past Traumas: The mention of the City of Greensleeves
Trauma was: That every one in the Greensleeves Bay kip was murdered by Gus Winkler and his goons. It left her as the massacre’s only survivor, left to bury all of her friends and swear vengeance upon all of them.
Method to calm down: Beats the crap out of whatever is nearby; will later use breathing exercises to keep her calm
Sense of Humor: Morbid sense of humor but loves to be a smartass.
Secret Keeping: Great, she doesn’t snitch.
Prone to Gossip: No; snitches get stitches.
In a social group: Dominate.
Bullied/Teased (past):  Yes.
By Whom: Sally Dish.
Bullied/ Teased (Current): yes in a way…
By Whom: Society and the higher ups who scoff at the slum people…
Relationship w/ Parents: Abusive and distant.
Issue w/parents: Yes. Abandonment issues with her biological mother. Has a hatred for Sally Dish because of her abusive behavior and alcoholism.
Lots of friends: Yes but they are all dead.
Lots of romantic partners: A few small flings here and there. Only had one real meaningful relationship, which ended with his death.
Any bad breakups: No unless you count one of them dying.
Any jealous lovers: No.
Family Reputation: Mother is a prostitute and Sally Dish is a drunk.
Religion: None.
Personal moral code: Kill for revenge or business. Violence against children is not an option. Prostituting yourself for money is not an option. Do whatever you can to survive. Cheat steal kill and don’t look back.
Social status: Lower than dirt and basically invisible.
Active in community: No.
Bad Childhood memories:  Living with abusive Sally Dish in Keatston. Being locked up in the log box by Sally Dish. Loss of her friend Lettie (Sold to Grigor Slag.)  Anything having to do with Sally Dish, Grigor Slag or Gus Winkler.
Happy childhood memories: She found a mechanical cat in the trash once. Playing sticks with some of the slum children. Pranks on the local elderly.
Manias: Getting revenge over the people who have wronged her.
Inept at: Obtaining any type of class; she’s just an uncouth person and will most likely never retain any refinement.
Taboos: Hurting or exploiting children.
Secrets: None; she’s an open book if you really want to know.
Rivals: Noemi, Darius, Ned, Gus Winkler/ Goons; {King Octavian, Prince Ambrose, Lord Septimus (Later in the story.)}
Health Issues: None.
Sound Mind: Questionable but she’s not psychotic.
Mental Health Concerns: Some question to PTSD and defiant anger management issues.
Skin color: Pale.
Height: 6’1.
Long Arms/legs: Yes both long legs and arms.
Right or left handed: Right handed.
Body type: Ectomorph (Slim.)
Frame: Willowy.
Overall Body Shape: Willowy and slim.
Muscular: Yes.
Face Shape: Oval.
Forehead: High.
Distinguishing features: Very high cheekbones and an angular face.
Skin type: Dry.
Eyebrows: Curved.
Eyelashes: Average.
Eye color: Violet-Blue.
Nose shape: Long straight edge nose.
Lip size: Full.
Teeth size: Average.
Hand size: Average.
Finger length: Average, 2-3 inches.
Missing appendages: No.
Look older/younger: Baby face makes her appear a few years younger.
Attractive: Yes, and she uses this to her advantage when she can.
Ugly: No unless you count her scars on her neck and back “ugly.”
Healthy/good shape: No, for her weight she’s rather underweight but she does have some             muscle on her arms and legs.
Most predominate feature: Her eyes, which are rather large for her face.
Current weight: 125 lbs.
Clothing measurements: About an American size 4/6.
Shoe size: 8 women’s.
Natural stance/ posture: Slouches with arms on table, shoulders usually hunched                         foreword to protect her center.
Speaking gestures: Cocks the right side of her mouth up when smiling and when she speaks she opens her mouth making it rather wide.
Expressive when speaking: usually always collected and almost always wearing a smirk a scowl on her face.
Strange mannerisms: Always biting the inside of her mouth. Taps things with her middle             finger.
Hair length: Long that hits her mid-back.
Hair color: Black.
Thick/average/thin/: Thick.
Hairstyle: Just long without any stylish cuts.
Regional/Foreign: Eastern Cockney region dialect.
Voice pitch: a little deeper and rather pleasant.
Quality of voice: Rather rough in her pronunciations but rather smooth.
Distinctive voice: Thick lowbrow cockney accent.
Better senses: Sight and Hear.
Worse senses: Taste.
Damaged teeth: Some wear on her back molars but not too bad
Natural smell: She smells like every other person in the slums but takes care not to                                   constantly smell like them.
Vision: Good.
Fingernail length: Short.
Fingernail condition: Ragged.
Noticeable hands: Hands are average and very worn.
Tattoos: None.

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