Thursday, May 11, 2017

Word Count Wednesday

Word Count Wednesday (5/10/17)

What I am working on now?

I just finished an essay for my poetry class and the dramatic script. Now I have to finish all of my half finished experiments. Right now i'm working finishing the In Media Res on my cursed viking, my children story, and my podcast idea. I've drafted a pretty crappy looking map so i'm going to redraw it  so it looks crisper and more presentable (it's the map from my narrative assignment.) Lastly There is the poetry which I am stumped on... I'm not a poet but I will do my best not to send anything too cringeworthy.

Word Count: 4,136 (WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!)

How do I feel about the process?

I'm feeling pretty good but the end of the year brain fog is starting to take hold and I must power through. It's hard returning to half finished work because it was abandoned for a reason... I lack inspiration for some of them and it'll be a challenge to write. Though I found that I work really well when I know I have a weighty deadline looming (like a failed grade if it is not finished.) Though I'm having the most problem with writing poems, they are so expertly crafted that anything I write is either flat by comparison or it just doesn't work at all. I will try to post as I finish these experiments as I hate to publish unfinished or half baked work.

What am I reading now?

On Writing by Stephen King

20 Plots and How to build them by Ronald B. Tobias

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